If you’ve faced this error, it’s most probably that your site unable to connect to the activation server. In this case you’ll need to activate your license key manually.

Manual activation

Step 1

Open up  functions.php file of your active theme and paste the following code:

// Use this code to activate Extra Shortcodes add-on
update_option( 'su_option_extra-shortcodes_license', 'ENTER-YOUR-LICENSE-KEY-HERE' );

// Use this code to activate Additional Skins add-on
update_option( 'su_option_additional-skins_license', 'ENTER-YOUR-LICENSE-KEY-HERE' );

// Use this code to activate Shortcode Creator (Maker) add-on
update_option( 'su_option_shortcode-creator_license', 'ENTER-YOUR-LICENSE-KEY-HERE' );

Step 2

Replace ENTER-YOUR-LICENSE-KEY-HERE with your license key;

Step 3

Open any page of your site (no matter front page or any admin page). This will run the code in functions.php file;

Step 4

Now your license key successfully added to database and you can remove added code from functions.php file;

Step 5

Check your license key status by navigating to Dashboard – Shortcodes – Settings page.