Insert shortcode button do not work

The most common reasons of this error are listed below.

Table of contents

  1. JavaScript errors
  2. Faulty theme or plugin 
    1. Searching for faulty plugin 
    2. Check of compatibility of the active theme 

JavaScript errors

Errors of JavaScript are one of the most common problems. These errors often lead to incorrect operation of plugins or theme. If nothing happens after pressing “Insert shortcode” button, then most likely there are JavaScript errors.

To find out if there are any JavaScript errors on your site, open JavaScript console on the page with “Insert shortcode” button and see if there are any errors. Use the following hot keys to open JavaScript console:

Errors may be highlighted in red. If you see any errors in console you should eliminate them for correct operation of plugin. Please read this codex article carefully.

Faulty theme or plugin 

Numerous themes and plugins were created for WordPress. Unfortunately, not all of them were written according to standards and code of WordPress. Incorrectly written themes and plugins often prevent correct operation of other plugins and themes.

Searching for faulty plugin 

Open the page with inactive “Insert shortcode” button. Open Dashboard – Plugins page in a separate browser window (or in a new tab). Disable all active plugins except of Shortcodes Ultimate. Then enable plugins one by one. Refresh the page with “Insert shortcode” button after every activated plugin. In such a way, you can easily find faulty plugin.

Check of compatibility of the active theme 

Try to change your active theme for one of standard WordPress themes, e.g. Twenty Fifteen or Twenty Sixteen. If “Insert shortcode” starts to operate correctly, then your theme is most likely incompatible with Shortcodes Ultimate plugin.

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