Fixing “Update package not available” error

There are two main reasons why this error is happening. The actual reason for this error depends on what type of WordPress installation you use. See the options below.

Single site (regular installation)

If you’re using WordPress in the single site mode (regular installation), just navigate to Dashboard → Shortcodes → Settings and activate your license key to enable automatic updates. Click the links below to learn how to activate your license:

Multisite network

If you’re running a multisite network, on your main site navigate to to the Dashboard → Shortcodes → Settings page, and activate your license key there.

After activating the license on the main site you will be able to update add-ons both from within the network admin and the main site dashboard.

The main site is the site in your network that lives on the same domain as your network admin. For example, if your network admin is accessible with the following URL, you can access the dashboard of your main site by going to

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