This shortcode allows you to create colorful labels. You can choose from 6 color variations.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Consectetur adipiscing elit.

Vestibulum maximus et risus in blandit.

Sed vel scelerisque elit.

Aenean finibus sem tellus.

Vestibulum accumsan justo turpis.

[su_label type="default"]Lorem[/su_label] ipsum dolor sit amet.

[su_label type="success"]Consectetur[/su_label] adipiscing elit.

[su_label type="warning"]Vestibulum[/su_label] maximus et risus in blandit.

[su_label type="important"]Sed[/su_label] vel scelerisque elit.

[su_label type="black"]Aenean[/su_label] finibus sem tellus.

[su_label type="info"]Vestibulum[/su_label] accumsan justo turpis.

Shortcode options are available from within the dashboard of your website.

Navigate to Dashboard ▸ Shortcodes ▸ Available shortcodes and select a shortcode.

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