This shortcode allows to animate almost everything.

[su_animate type="bounceIn" duration="1"]Animated content[/su_animate]
Option name Possible values Default value
Select animation type
flash (flash)
bounce (bounce)
shake (shake)
tada (tada)
swing (swing)
wobble (wobble)
pulse (pulse)
flip (flip)
flipInX (flipInX)
flipOutX (flipOutX)
flipInY (flipInY)
flipOutY (flipOutY)
fadeIn (fadeIn)
fadeInUp (fadeInUp)
fadeInDown (fadeInDown)
fadeInLeft (fadeInLeft)
fadeInRight (fadeInRight)
fadeInUpBig (fadeInUpBig)
fadeInDownBig (fadeInDownBig)
fadeInLeftBig (fadeInLeftBig)
fadeInRightBig (fadeInRightBig)
fadeOut (fadeOut)
fadeOutUp (fadeOutUp)
fadeOutDown (fadeOutDown)
fadeOutLeft (fadeOutLeft)
fadeOutRight (fadeOutRight)
fadeOutUpBig (fadeOutUpBig)
fadeOutDownBig (fadeOutDownBig)
fadeOutLeftBig (fadeOutLeftBig)
fadeOutRightBig (fadeOutRightBig)
slideInDown (slideInDown)
slideInLeft (slideInLeft)
slideInRight (slideInRight)
slideOutUp (slideOutUp)
slideOutLeft (slideOutLeft)
slideOutRight (slideOutRight)
bounceIn (bounceIn)
bounceInDown (bounceInDown)
bounceInUp (bounceInUp)
bounceInLeft (bounceInLeft)
bounceInRight (bounceInRight)
bounceOut (bounceOut)
bounceOutDown (bounceOutDown)
bounceOutUp (bounceOutUp)
bounceOutLeft (bounceOutLeft)
bounceOutRight (bounceOutRight)
rotateIn (rotateIn)
rotateInDownLeft (rotateInDownLeft)
rotateInDownRight (rotateInDownRight)
rotateInUpLeft (rotateInUpLeft)
rotateInUpRight (rotateInUpRight)
rotateOut (rotateOut)
rotateOutDownLeft (rotateOutDownLeft)
rotateOutDownRight (rotateOutDownRight)
rotateOutUpLeft (rotateOutUpLeft)
rotateOutUpRight (rotateOutUpRight)
lightSpeedIn (lightSpeedIn)
lightSpeedOut (lightSpeedOut)
hinge (hinge)
rollIn (rollIn)
rollOut (rollOut)
Animation duration (seconds)
Number from 0 to 20 1
Animation delay (seconds)
Number from 0 to 20 0
This parameter determines what HTML tag will be used for animation wrapper. Turn this option to YES and animated element will be wrapped in SPAN instead of DIV. Useful for inline animations, like buttons
yes or no no
Additional CSS class name(s) separated by space(s)
CSS class name(s) separated by space(s)