Shortcodes Ultimate’s pricing update

As of today (Wednesday, Nov 2, 2022), Shortcodes Ultimate is transitioning from selling Premium add-ons to Pro versions. Moreover, all new sales will be processed by Freemius instead of SendOwl from now on.

What will happen to Premium add-ons?

Premium add-ons will continue receiving updates for the next 3 years, up until October 31, 2025. After that date, add-ons will continue working, but they will no longer get supported or receive any updates. Nevertheless, we will evaluate the feasibility of continuing to maintain add-ons based on usage closer to the expiration date, which might lead us to extend.

Why are we transitioning from add-ons to a single Pro version?

Transitioning to a single Pro version will bypass the burden our customers have to bear when installing multiple add-ons, which can create incompatibility issues, conflicts, and other problems. It will also make shipping features much faster, as we will no longer need to assess compatibility between individual add-ons and the core plugin and coordinate a release of multiple products in parallel.

Compatibility of Premium add-ons and the Pro version

The Pro version is fully backward-compatible with Premium add-ons. That means:

On the other hand, if you install and use the Pro version for a lengthy period, you will not be able to downgrade to Premium add-ons since the Pro version will include more features in future compared to Premium add-ons.

Lifetime and unlimited sites licenses

Unlike Premium add-ons, Shortcodes Ultimate Pro won’t offer lifetime licenses. Instead, our Pro version will be sold with an annual license. This will allow us to support all of Shortcodes Ultimate Pro’s customers for as long as they have a valid license, instead of limiting support to 6 months. In addition – after careful analysis of licenses usage – Shortcodes Ultimate is scaling down from unlimited to 100-site licenses. This quota is more than enough for 99.99% of our customers, and will help fight abuse of nulled plugin clubs too.

Note: We may add lifetime/unlimited pricing tiers at a later stage, depending on the number of customer requests.

Free one-year Pro version subscription 🎁

All of our customers — whether you purchased a bundle or a single add-on — will receive a one-year Pro license subscription free of charge. New licenses will be issued in accordance with previously purchased licenses. See the table below for details.

If you own…You’ll get…
Any add-on or Bundle: Single-Site1 year Pro version subscription for 1 website
Any add-on or Bundle: 2-5 Sites1 year Pro version subscription for 10 websites
Any add-on or Bundle: Unlimited Sites1 year Pro version subscription for 100 websites

Additionally, you can use the coupon code UPGRADEPRO2022 to get an exclusive 50% discount on any plan. The code will be valid for the next 30 days.

To start using Shortcodes Ultimate Pro, you’ll need to log in to your account, where you’ll be able to download the plugin and obtain a license key.

Moving to Freemius

Freemius is a SaaS platform for WordPress plugin and theme developers. They offer a far more powerful sales solution compared to SendOwl, which we’ve used before (SendOwl doesn’t even offer a user account).

Transitioning to Freemius for sales processing will create many positive impacts, both for us and our customers. We believe this is a step in the right direction.

Some of the benefits include:

Will the change affect your sites in any way?

Absolutely not! All Premium add-ons will function exactly the same as usual. They will continue receiving security and compatibility updates up until October 31, 2025.

Will the change affect your existing license? Do you need to upgrade?

No! If you own a license for a premium add-on or bundle, you can continue using your plugins and license keys the same as you did before – nothing will change. However, if you decide to buy an additional license, the Pro version will be the only option available to you.

Do you still have questions?

If you have any questions regarding this update, please feel free to send us a message.