Post data

[su_post field="post_title" post_id=""]


This shortcode allows to display various post fields, including post title, post content, modified date etc.


Option namePossible valuesDefault value
Post data field name
ID (Post ID)
post_author (Post author)
post_date (Post date)
post_date_gmt (Post date GMT)
post_content (Post content)
post_title (Post title)
post_excerpt (Post excerpt)
post_status (Post status)
comment_status (Comment status)
ping_status (Ping status)
post_name (Post name)
post_modified (Post modified)
post_modified_gmt (Post modified GMT)
post_content_filtered (Filtered post content)
post_parent (Post parent)
guid (GUID)
menu_order (Menu order)
post_type (Post type)
post_mime_type (Post mime type)
comment_count (Comment count)
This text will be shown if data is not found
Any text value– none –
This content will be shown before the value
Any text value– none –
This content will be shown after the value
Any text value– none –
You can specify custom post ID. Post slug is also allowed. Leave this field empty to use ID of the current post. Current post ID may not work in Live Preview mode
Any text value– none –
Post type of the post you want to display the data from
Post type slug(s) separated by comma(s)post
You can apply custom filter to the retrieved value. Enter here function name. Your function must accept one argument and return modified value. Name of your function must include word filter. Example function:
function my_custom_filter( $value ) {return 'Value is: ' . $value;}
Any text value– none –