How Shortcodes Ultimate plugin works

Table of contents

  1. Intro
  2. The Insert Shortcode button
  3. New menu Shortcodes at sidebar
    1. Available shortcodes
    2. Settings
    3. Add-ons
  4. New widget Shortcodes Ultimate


Shortcodes Ultimate plugin provides you with capability to use numerous shortcodes. Using these shortcodes you can add various elements, from simple buttons to complex galleries to your site.

After installation, the plugin will add several new elements to Dashboard.

The Insert Shortcode button

The plugin adds new button above the editor, near to Add media button. With the help of this button shortcodes can be quickly inserted into editor.

Take the folowing steps to insert shortcode:

  1. Press “Insert shortcode” button;
  2. You can use search field or filter shortcodes by groups. Select the requried shortcode from the list;
  3. Change shortcode settings if you want;
  4. You can enable preview by pressing “Live preview” button at the bottom of shortcode settings window;
  5. Press “Insert shortcode” button at the bottom of the screen.

That’s it. Now shortcode is added to the editor.

New menu Shortcodes at sidebar

New menu item, “Shortcodes”, will be added to sidebar at the dashboard.

Available shortcodes

The full list of shortcodes and their settings is available here.


Plugin settings page.

This page also contains the custom css editor, with the help of which you can easily change the appearance of shortcodes.


List of available add-ons for the plugin.

New widget Shortcodes Ultimate

Special Shortcodes Ultimate widget allows to use shortcodes in sidebar or website footer. Just add widget called “Shortcodes Ultimate” to the sidebar and press “Insert shortcode” button. Then select the required shortcode and insert it to the widget.

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