Extra Shortcodes

Add 15 more awesome shortcodes to Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes overview

Parallax sections

Parallax is an effect which moves the background image of the block during vertical page scroll. A new shortcode [section] will easily create this effect on your site. This shortcode allows adding big sections with content to the page. You can choose your own background images, change the background color, and text color. To create a page-wide section your active theme must have a single-column template.

Pricing Table

With pricing table shortcode, you’ll be able to show pricing plans or prices for the goods on your site. Each pricing table can contain any number of columns. You can change any colors in the table. Besides, you can highlight the most popular choice.


Using this shortcode you can easily display customer reviews. Photo of the user, his/her name and link to the site can be added as well. Combination with [content_slider] short-code creates a carousel of testimonials.

Vector icons

Using this shortcode you can easily display FontAwesome icons on your pages. You can add hyperlinks, custom background, change icon size and colour.

Progress bar and progress pie shortcodes

Using these shortcodes, you’ll be able to add animated progress bars and progress pies to the site pages. You can easily change their sizes, colours and set any desired values.

Content slider

This powerful shortcode allows you to transform almost any content into the slider. You can create testimonials slider or a photo-slider. You can insert any shortcodes or HTML-code to this slider.

Photo panel and member shortcodes

Use photo panel shortcodes to create a nice design of text blocks with photos. Besides, you can create a beautiful list of employees or team members.


Enhance blocks on the page with more expressiveness. This shortcode allows you to add a shadow to almost any shortcode. There are several shadow types available.

Splash screen and exit popup shortcodes

With this shortcode, you can display any content in a pop-up window. You can add a delay before a window display, and set other parameters – background colour, text colour and size. For example, you’ll be able to add a code of e-mail-subscription form to display the form to the visitors of your site.

Moreover, you can easily show subscription form or any other content to the visitors who are going to leave your site, using exit pop-up shortcode.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the price a yearly fee or is it a lifetime?

By purchasing this product you’re getting access to lifetime updates and 6 months of personal support. In case you’ll need to extend the support period after 6 months, you’ll need to purchase one more license.

Can I upgrade my license later?

Yes, but only within 180 days since the original purchase date. Just buy a higher license and send us both order numbers. We’ll then cancel (refund) the first one.

Where can I get help?

Head to the Help Center.

Do you offer a free trial?

No, but we offer the 30-days money-back guarantee instead.

Can I use this add-on on a multisite installation?

Yes. You can install an add-on from within multisite admin. The license key must be activated only on the main site. Learn more.

Can I request a refund?

Yes. You can request a refund within 30 days since the purchase date.

Can I use a Single Site license on dev/staging and live sites simultaneously?

Yes. Learn more.

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Plugin Licensing

Shortcodes Ultimate and it’s add-ons, are licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.0 (https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0), unless otherwise declared.

License Keys

Purchasing the licence key at our website provides the buyer with the following advantages:

  • Free technical support within 6 months after purchase date;
  • Access to lifetime plugin updates.

Depending on the type of purchased licence key, it can be used on one or unlimited number of sites. It is not allowed to provide purchased licence key to the third parties. Licence keys given to the third parties will be blocked.

Order Delivery

Purchased plugins and licence keys will be sent automatically to email specified at placing of the order, after processing of payment.


There is a plenty of plugins and themes created for WordPress. We try to provide the optimal compatibility of our plug-ins with the other products. However, we can not guarantee that our plug-ins are compatible with absolutely all plug-ins and themes developed by third parties.


Technical support is provided only for buyers of the licence keys and only within the validity term – 6 months after purchase date. To turn to our support service you should open a new ticket on Support page. Technical support is provided via e-mail.

What is included in support

  • Help with any possible bugs related to the core plugin or it’s add-ons;
  • Answering specific questions about the features of the plugin;
  • Listening to customer feedback;
  • Timely updates of our plugins for elimination of technical malfunctions or security vulnerabilities.

What is NOT included in support

  • Any kind of code customization (custom CSS, custom shortcodes, etc.);
  • Help with modified plugin code;
  • Help with 3rd-party plugins and themes;
  • Help with issues related to server or environment;
  • Installation of the plugin.

Time for reacting to the request varies depending on the total number of received tickets.


Refunds apply to original purchases only and do not cover product upgrades or modifications. There are no partial refunds for license downgrades, etc. Refunds will be offered at our sole discretion and must fully comply with the following conditions:

  • The purchase was made not more than 30 calendar days before the refund request;
  • You have tried to solve the problem with our technical support;
  • The problem is caused by purchased product (Add-on) and not by the free core plugin (Shortcodes Ultimate);
  • The problem is not caused by a 3rd-party product (plugin/theme).

To submit refund request, please use the Contact page. You must specify Purchase Date and PayPal transaction ID. Requests without this information may be rejected.

Integration with themes and plugins

Core-plugin Shortcodes Ultimate can be integrated into any theme or plugin including premium ones. It is not recommended to integrate plugin code directly to code of your theme or plugin. Use TGM Plugin Activation Script, which allows the users to download the recommended plugins independently. Integration of premium add-ons of Shortcodes Ultimate plugin into free themes and plugins is forbidden. Integration of premium add-ons of Shortcodes Ultimate into premium themes and plugins is allowed only with full observance of the following conditions:

  • Every single product should have Unlimited Site licence purchased specifically for the add-on that will be integrated;
  • Product page or readme file of the product should contain direct link to our website with the information on the integrated add-on;
  • Buyers of premium themes should be notified on the fact we donʼt provide technical support to the users of your themes.

For more detailed technical information on integration of our plug-ins into your themes and plugins please look through our knowledge base. You can not include purchased license key(s) in your premium products. Shared license keys will be blocked.

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Included with each add-on

  • Top-notch personal support
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Extensive documentation
  • Money back guarantee
  • Full localization support

System requirements

PHP 5.3 or higher
WordPress 4.6 or higher
Shortcodes Ultimate 5.0 or higher


Version 1.8.2
Last Updated May 13, 2021
View Changelog


  • Added compatibility with PHP 8
  • Fixed JS-error in Content Slider shortcode
  • Minor improvements in the settings page


  • Updated in-plugin links
  • Fixed thin style of progress_bar, in mobile view


What's new

  • Added support for WP 5.5 automatic updates
  • New option max_width for [su_pricing_table]
  • New option padding for [su_panel]


  • Fixed issue with Pricing Table options on mobile devices
  • Various minor fixes


  • Fixed fatal error on plugin activation (if the core plugin isn't active)


  • Added Activate License Key link at the Plugins screen
  • Added .pot file for translations
  • Fixed issue with Content Slider, where some elements are partially hidden
  • Fixed issue with Icon Panel link target
  • Minor improvements to UI and codebase


Fixed Fatal error: Cannot redeclare su_adjust_brightness()


  • Fixed images size within content slider
  • Fixed Invalid hex color length notice in [su_progress_bar] and [su_pricing_table] shortcodes
  • Fixed A non-numeric value encountered warning in [su_icon_text] shortcode
  • Fixed Undefined index: height notice in the [su_icon] shortcode



What’s new

  • New option fullwidth for the [su_section] shortcode. Allows stretching of a section to full page, instead of just content area
  • New option animation for the [su_progress_bar] shortcode. Allows disabling progress bar animation


  • License key at plugin settings page can now be revealed by focusing the License key field


  • Fixed doubled navigation in Content Slider on mobile devices



  • Issues with Content Slider
  • Issues with Progress Pie


Important: This add-on requires Shortcodes Ultimate version 5.2.0 or higher

What's new

  • New attribute target for su_panel, su_photo_panel, su_icon_panel, su_icon_text and su_section shortcodes, which allow open custom links in a new window
  • New option autoheight for su_content_slider shortcode, which allows disabling auto height feature
  • New filter su/extra/pricing_plan/options_tags, which allow to add extra tags to su_pricing_plan options
  • New option custom_btn for su_plan shortcode, which allows specifying custom button for each pricing plan



  • Progress pie now works when loaded through ajax
  • Plugin updates now also available from within iThemes sync control panel
  • Plugin updates will be visible even without license key
  • Quick fix for content slider on Safari. See OwlCarousel issue.


  • Fixed: scrolling issue with progress bars/pies in Samsung Internet Browser;
  • Changed: Inview.js library replaced with jQuery.Inview;
  • Added: [su_panel], [su_photo_panel], [su_icon_panel] and [su_icon_text] gets new attribute 'target', which allow to open panel links in a new window.


  • [Important change] Updated: OwlCarousel to version 2.2
  • Improved: compatibility with 'Plugin Organizer'
  • Added: 'Install core plugin' notice
  • Fixed: panels width (panels were too wide on some themes)


  • Fixed: section's parallax is now disabled on mobile devices
  • Fixed: PHP warning at settings page, when license key is saved


IMPORTANT: this add-on requires Shortcodes Ultimate version 5.0.0 (or higher). Please update Shortcodes Ultimate before updating this add-on. Upgrade guide.

  • Fixed: 'Invalid license key' error;
  • Fixed: license key deactivation error;
  • Added: saved license key is now hidden at plugin settings page;
  • Added: new attribute 'background_position' for Section shortcode, [section background_position="left top"];
  • Added: new attribute 'cover' for Section shortcode, [section cover="yes"];
  • Updated: 'ru_RU' translation.


  • IMPORTANT: this add-on requires Shortcodes Ultimate version 5.0.0 (or higher). Please update Shortcodes Ultimate before updating this add-on;
  • Fixed: minor bugs in parallax section;
  • Improved: compatibility with Shortcodes Ultimate 5+;
  • Text domain changed from 'sue' to 'shortcodes-ultimate-extra';
  • Languages folder renamed from 'lang' to 'languages'.


  • Added: alt attribute for photo panels
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 4.4